Help the Vias Get Their Daughter Home!

In college, I was blessed to find many friends that became family.  Two of those were Josh and Tasha Via.  The Vias have led worship at North Side before, so that’s where some of you might remember them from.  They are wonderful worship leaders on and off the stage.  They have 3 wonderful children, 1 bun in the oven, and 1 more child coming home very soon.  Here’s an excerpt from Tasha’s blog:

Last October, Josh and I took a trip to Uganda where we met our little girl.  She lives in an orphanage in Bukaleba.  We are naming her “Alethia Grace.”  We have been praying for this orphanage before it was even built so we have quite a history with these children already!  While working at this orphanage back in October Josh and I fell in love with our little girl and we immediately began praying about bringing her home and becoming her “forever family”.  She just turned two in December and is apparently very spunky and lively, which is exactly what her name means.  We pray for her often as a family and Areyna and Zeke (and Cai as much as he can be:) are anxiously awaiting her arrival!

They are taking the entire crew to Uganda next week!  They will be in country for 6 weeks, please pray for them as they work on bonding time and all the paperwork that this time entails.

Another way you can help is by purchasing my “Coming Home” CD.  I used this 18 months ago to help support our adoption.  So many of you were gracious to donate money on my bandcamp site and support it, I would love to help them out as well.  The songs were written concerning all that God was doing in our hearts about our spiritual adoption and Eli’s coming home party.  So, here’s the deal: support my buddies, and this week I will take 100% of the proceeds to go towards their adoption.

On the site, the album is $9, but you can pay anything above that that you want.  So buy my CD for $1000 and really help them out ;).  These songs were birthed during our time in the word and on our knees, and God used it to help alleviate the finances associated with adoption.  I sure would appreciate you helping them out!  And I can’t wait till she gets to meet her Uncle Trav!

Here’s the link: HELP THE VIAS