Big Brothers in Training

The boys are learning all types of stuff these days.  Not only are they shoppers in training, they also are big brothers in training.  The boys are eagerly awaiting Baby Gloria’s arrival.  We all are anxious to see when she decides to make an appearance.

The boys talk about her a lot.  Their eyes get wide when she kicks their hands.  They like to sing “Gloria in excelsis Deo” with their faces pressed against their mommy’s belly.  They have been picking out stuffed animals to place in her crib.

I asked Eli the other day, “Are you excited about Gloria coming?”

“Yep.  She’s gonna play trucks with me.”

Let him think that for now.

We have taken the boys to the doctor with us the last couple of times.  The other week.  The doctor was checking on progress, and Obadiah kept trying to get his attention.

“Sir?  Sir?  Uhmm, sir?!  Daddy, he’s not listening to me.  Sir?!”

“Oh, yes?  Can I help you?” asked the doctor.

“Sir, I would like to see Baby Gloria now, please.”

I love being a dad.