The 2nd Handful

paige stumbo photography (19)

I am now the father of two 5-year-olds.

14 days ago, we celebrated Obadiah’s birthday.  Since he turned 5, he was telling everyone that he was “1 whole handful.”  So, I guess today, I have two whole handfuls.  I think I have known that for quite sometime.

Eli came home when he was 2.  Now living with us for 3 years, there is something special about the fact that he has been with us longer than he has been without us.

I am so honored to be the father of this little boy.

I cannot imagine our family without him.

Eli has a way of lighting up a room like no other.  That infectious smile can make you forget about the insignificant concerns you carry.

There are many things that I love about Eli: his love for all things hauling, his passionate love of music, his addiction to cuddling with his mom, and his desire to play with his brother and care for his sister.

On this birthday, I am incredibly grateful that he is his father’s sidekick.  There isn’t a moment that I’m working outside that Eli isn’t working alongside me (or asking to be).  I would take him over most grown men as a work partner.  I love that he loves to practice music beside me and mimic my mannerisms that he does so much better.  I love that he wants to ride in my truck and listen to my music.  I am grateful for the thousand questions he asks everyday to have knowledge about the things that fascinate him.

Happy birthday, little man.  Your father adores you.