The Terrible Twos

This weekend we celebrated my baby girl’s birthday.  Gloria is another year older and we have officially entered the terrible twos.

This is normally a dreaded time of parenthood as the child begins to learn the art of testing the parents.  Has she begun to test us?  Sure.  We have our set of challenges as any parents do.

But these terrible twos are different from you might think.  They are terrible because two of these years have already passed us by.  This lil’ super girl who likes to unleash her superpowers on her brothers is growing up by the day.  She is learning new things.  She is trying new things.  She is developing in every way, and yet I feel like the time is speeding up rapidly.

Amanda read somewhere that in this stage of parenting, the days are long but the years are short.  We would agree with that.  We are exhausted by the time the children go down at night, but then with every birthday that is celebrated in our home, we feel as if it is doing too quickly.

It is terrible because I want to take more advantage of every second I have with her.  I don’t want to brush her aside when she needs cuddles.  I don’t want to be still mentally at work when I am physically at home.  I don’t want to miss an opportunity for a tickle, a laugh, or a chance to play with her.  I don’t want to be too busy taking pictures of her on my phone that I miss the chance to be with her.

Two years down, and there is honestly only a few years left in which she will be in the home.  I am reminded of the need to live wisely because I know how fleeting my life is (Ps. 39:4).

Happy birthday, lil’ princess, your daddy promises to make the most of every single day.

“So teach us to number our days that we may get a heart of wisdom” (Ps. 90:12).