The End

In the last few pages of the Bible, God delivers a dazzling picture of what is to come. Despite the coming or current conflict, we can look at what God has promised and trust that his plan will come to pass. The conclusion will be a good one.

The Revelation

As persecution increased among the early followers of Jesus, God sought to encourage them through the words of the apostles. In addition to encouraging epistles, God gave a revelation to the Apostle John that showed what was to come.

The Gospel

As the first church movement multiplied greatly and quickly, certain letters were sent to be distributed among these new believers. Within them, doctrine and practice were clarified to ensure that growth did not allow for dilution.

The Spread

In the first few years of the church, the gospel spread like wildfire. The Apostle Paul and other leaders continued to take the message of Jesus everywhere they could no matter the cost. The gospel spread due to a bold commitment.

The Church

After Jesus’ commissioned his disciples, he sent the Holy Spirit to empower them for the tasks assigned. On the day of Pentecost, the apostles were transformed from unsure disciples into bold missionaries. The world changed.

The Passion

As Jesus’ ministry swelled to a climax, his opponents grew in hatred toward him, and yet Jesus seemed focused on one task and one task alone. He was going to the cross, but the story would not end at the cross or even at the tomb.

The Teacher

Jesus taught in a time when there was no shortage of religious rabbis and spiritual sermons, but what set him apart from all the rest was his ability to teach with authority. When Jesus taught, people listened and followed.

The Messiah

Within the concluding pages of the Old Testament, the people look for the long-awaited Messiah. As the New Testament opens, we are introduced to Jesus the Christ, and the world has yet to recover from his invasion for redemption.

The Exile

After severe warnings from numerous prophets, God’s people refuse to repent and reap the unfortunate consequences. God’s people are sent into exile and have to learn how to live for God in a land that did not.

The Kingdom

At the height of Israel’s power, the people dramatically collapse. The grandeur of King Solomon’s kingdom is undone quickly as a result of idolatrous compromises. A nation splits, a people rebel, and prophets call for repentance.