The Mission of the Church

We had some guest worship leaders helping out this Sunday for Father’s Day at North Side.  I assembled some of the band to recruit their children to help lead in worship and we had a stage full.  I was so honored to have my two sons leading beside me.  Obadiah and Eli are passionate singers and musicians.  Many people commented on their energy, and I told them this was them on calm.  If you were out of town, watch online here.

Family is important at North Side.  We prize lifestyles of worship lived within the homes.  This wasn’t a stage idea for Sunday, this was an example of what real life in the home should look like – men leading their children to love Jesus.

That’s what was great about the other elements in the service today.  It was about fathers and sons going on mission together.  Men of God stepping up to lead in the Great Commission.

Today, we worshiped to:


Never Been More Helpless

While we were in Africa, we were busy sharing the gospel.  Even if we were meeting needs, we didn’t do it without sharing the gospel.  Why?  Because that’s what Jesus did.  Yes, Jesus met physical needs, but he always addressed the greater spiritual need.  He never gave people a handout that would last for a day, he offered them words that could change their lives.

On one day, we held a gospel/medical clinic.  We would let people enter the courtyard in groups of 15 that later would turn into groups of about 100 at a time.  We would share the gospel with them, we would pray over them, and then we would try to address medical concerns.

In that day, I have never helped more people in my life and felt more helpless all at the same time.

As I rushed from person to person, some conditions could be treated with a simple Tylenol, Tums, or Neosporin.  Some of the other conditions were too great for the country to handle.  From 8-6 that day, I served as a medical assistant to some of the following conditions:


“No One Else is Willing to Come Out Here”

I’m still processing all God did among us in West Africa.  In some ways, this was the hardest mission trip I have ever been on in the fact of the conditions and what it takes to get there.  In other ways, it was the easiest in that it was very simple in theory.  Our primary objective was to share the gospel.

When speaking to our partnering missionary, I told him how difficult it was to get to him.  I had to fly across the world.  Then drive across the country.  Then walk across the desert.  Then, I was where he wanted me.  He said, “This is frontline missions.  There’s a reason your church was the last one to visit me months ago.  No one else is willing to come out here.  It’s too far.  Too hard.”

It was interesting to find out that out of the 18 summer volunteers serving with them this summer, 6 of them are from North Side, 3 are from Brook Hills (David Platt’s church), and the rest are from different locations.  Out of all the Southern Baptist churches, only 2 “radical” churches (sorry for the pun) are willing to encourage their students to go there.  And that is the reason why we must continue to go.


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