How to Plan a Year’s Worth of Sermons

Jesus taught that before you build a tower or wage a war, you better count the cost. When it comes to tackling a major project, like planning sermon series one year at a time, you have to put together a plan that is workable and scalable.

4 Things God Has Called You to Be

We often have dreams of what we can accomplish and deal with what others pressure us to become, but what about God’s desires? Here are four things God has called you to be.

Methods of Evangelism, Part 2

There are many methods to share the gospel, and there is no one surefire way. It is best to find some options that you feel comfortable using and get started by telling the greatest news to your closest relationships.

The God Who Draws Us Near

Exodus 24:1-18 – After God provided the commandments, He ratified a covenant with His people. A sacrifice was essential so that the people could experience close fellowship with God.

LESS Is More in Counseling

While there is great wisdom in utilizing people with counseling licensing and experience, we often belittle the good that others can do even without proper training. Any ministry leader should be able to take some initial steps with someone in need.

Declaring War on Temptation

Each of us experiences temptation throughout our lives. We have an intentional enemy who knows where, when, and how to attack us in vulnerable areas of weakness. Ignoring his tactics will not make you impervious to personal setbacks.

Methods of Evangelism

There is no one method for sharing the Good News of Jesus. The best practice is the one that makes us feel the most comfortable. 

Rituals for Renewal

Exodus 23:10-33 – God expected His people to observe weekly rhythms and calendered festivals to recall His presence in those moments they needed Him most. We ought to build patterns into our lives that remind us and the generations behind us of God’s continued faithfulness.