Rediscovering Who God Is

Exodus 34:1-9 – God provided Moses with a description of Himself that became one of the most repeated characterizations in the Bible. As we unpack who God says He is, we discover the beauty and balance of His nature. 

Dependent Upon God’s Presence

Exodus 33:1-23 – God invited Moses into a staggering type of intimate friendship with Himself. Moses became so accustomed to that level of proximity with God that He refused to go forward without it.

Worship Naysayers

2 Samuel 6:16-23 – At the end of the Ark’s reinstatement at the center of God’s people, David was surprised to encounter such disdain from one so close to him. To lead out in worship, we must learn how to handle worship naysayers.

Worship Pretenders

2 Samuel 6:1-15 – David desired to usher the people back into God’s presence, but he had foolishly not prepared to do so according to God’s design. We must avoid becoming worship pretenders, those who appear spiritual without the commitment of being biblical.

The Substitute We Need So Desperately

Exodus 32:15-35 – The people’s sin with the golden calf was so grave that God had to do something about it. Through the willingness of Moses and God’s rejection of his plan, we understand the substitute we need so desperately. 

The Sin We Embrace So Quickly

Exodus 32:1-14 – The people grew impatient with Moses’ apparent delay on the mountain and decided to take idolatrous matters into their own hands. Through their example and Moses’ response, we discover what we must do with the sin we embrace so quickly.

The Spirit Fills Us to Work and Rest

Exodus 31:1-18 – At the beginning of the tabernacle’s construction, God showed that He had filled specific individuals with His Spirit to complete the design and assembly. God gives each of us skills to do His work and wisdom to experience His rest so that we never confuse the One deserving of credit.

How to Prepare for Worship

Exodus 30:1-38 – God explained how He desired His people to approach Him in worship. Through their prayers, offerings, and purifications, God showed them a sure path to engage Him.


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