Life Doesn’t Have to Be That Complicated

Ecclesiastes 7:1-29 – We often complicate our lives by making unwise choices. This world promises us trouble, but we don’t have to add more to it by refusing to live according to God’s ways.


  • A good reputation lasts better if it endures all the way until the end (7:1).
  • The reality of death helps us take life seriously (7:2-4).
  • Foolish companions can numb us to what the wise need to tell us (7:5-10).
  • God-given wisdom is meant to preserve our lives securely (7:11-14).
  • A “holier than thou” attitude won’t save you any more than a “whatever feels good” lifestyle (7:15-22).
  • Unhealthy relationships can enslave us to ungodly schemes (7:23-29). 


  • If you live as if your decisions don’t have consequences, you will live with much regret.
  • Just because it feels good does not mean you need to do it.
  • Your overall health is dependent on the quality of relationships you prioritize.
  • Jesus always acted wisely to secure our salvation and to showcase our strategy.