The 2nd Mile Podcast

How Do I Pray When I’m Anxious? The 2nd Mile Podcast

Realize that you haven’t sinned when anxiety hits, but you could sin by how you address it. Jesus provides helpful clarity in how He took His anxieties to God in prayer. It’s time to go the second mile in praying through your anxiety.
  1. How Do I Pray When I’m Anxious?
  2. How Can I Diversify My Prayers?
  3. Why Are My Prayers Inconsistent?
  4. Why Am I So Distracted While Praying?
  5. Why Do I Have a Pitiful Prayer Life?

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Rocky Creek Sermons

When We All Know Our Roles Rocky Creek

The people of God organized their efforts and installed leaders in critical areas. When we all know our roles, we are better if we serve according to our giftedness and others’ requirements.
  1. When We All Know Our Roles
  2. When We Give Together
  3. When Conviction Comes
  4. When the Word is Central
  5. When Everyone Is Accounted For

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The Equip Podcast

What Happens at the Final Judgment? Rocky Creek Equip

There is coming a day when Jesus will declare the eternal state for every person. What Jesus will do with us then depends on what we do with Him now.
  1. What Happens at the Final Judgment?
  2. Will Christians Have to Endure Tribulation?
  3. What Will the Return of Christ Be Like?
  4. Ecclesiology III (What Must a Church Do?)
  5. Ecclesiology II (What Makes a Church?)

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