4 Questions for Developing Sermon Series

When preparing a sermon series, a pastor can feel overwhelmed due to the range of needs and various options. Consider these four questions as you plan your next series.

Why We Need a Shepherd

When you consider the lack of formidable qualities of sheep, you might feel offended that Scripture regularly compares us to such creatures. But with such a helpless designation, we realize how reliable our Shepherd is.

The Fatherhood of God Isn’t a Bad Thing

With so many poor examples of fathers, it should be no surprise that considering God as Father presents quite a challenge. We must push through our baggage and see our Heavenly Father as described in Scripture.

God Doesn’t Need You

We often think God is desperately recruiting volunteers to get His work done, but that isn’t the case. The fact that God doesn’t need us makes His invitation all the more glorious.

Would You Sing This Name in Worship?

People call the LORD by many different names or describe Him by many different attributes. While some are common titles, every so often you read something in Scripture that grabs your attention.

Righteousness Comes Through Faith

Jesus was a perfect sacrifice in that He required no reconciliation on His behalf because He never sinned. His perfectly righteous status enabled Him to take our place and provide us with the necessary righteousness.

Appraising Grace

If the story of Jesus has become so common to you, it might be time to consider it with a fresh perspective. Appraising the depth of God’s grace is the most essential consideration we can make.

What People Need More Than a Lesson

Our churches need to focus on developing solid lessons for trained teachers to facilitate in small groups, but we need something more. We need people to walk alongside us to apply biblical truths in our lives.


Pentecost & Persecution

The Holy Spirit empowered the disciples on Pentecost, but they required persecution to move them out of Jerusalem. God uses varied catalysts to send His people out on mission.

The Light of the World

John 8:12-20 – In a world full of darkness, Jesus claimed to be the light that each of us needs. His illumination provides insight into who He is and clarity about where we should go.

The Next Right Thing

Each of us lives with regrets from previous mistakes, but we can become dangerously apathetic and immobile afterward. Even if you recently messed up and are suffering from its consequences, do what you can while you can.


The more we understand the identity of Jesus, the more we will comprehend the activity that should permeate our lives. The person and ministry of Jesus Christ meet our greatest needs. 

Premarital Caution

If you are considering marriage, I want to caution you in the right type of way. You can have a healthy marriage, but you both have to hold to one central focus to succeed.

I AM (Series Overview)

Throughout the Gospel of John, Jesus claims to be God in the flesh by using powerful metaphors that speak to His critical attributes. Discover how Jesus came to transform your life.

Righteousness Requires a Standard

We can’t just make up standards without God’s help because we could never agree. If we are going to comprehend right and wrong, we must understand that righteous requires a standard.

Godly Legacies Aren’t Left By Accident

If you want your children to grow up loving Jesus, are they seeing that authentic example in your home? Godly legacies aren’t left by accident; you must become intentional if your children have a chance to follow Jesus well.

Everyone Discipling Someone

Jesus did not reserve the Great Commission for those with special degress or extensive experiences. He plans to use ordinary people to fulfill the task of discipleship.

How to Get Your Eyes Off Your Circumstances

It’s not easy to endure challenges when they continue to increase. The only way to get your eyes off your circumstances is to refocus them on something greater.

Cookie Cutter Discipleship Doesn’t Work

You are not in the same spiritual situation as anyone else in the world. While you have common characteristics with others, your unique scenario requires an individualized focus to make personal progress.

Waypoint (February 2024)

Waypoint helps us remember what God has done among our church family, and what we are looking forward to in the months to come. Check out the February 2024 edition of Waypoint here.

Why Is “LORD” All Caps in the Old Testament?

If you’ve ever read sections of the Old Testament, you might have realized that “LORD” is sometimes written with all capital letters. The translators are trying to indicate something essential to us within that distinguishing formatting.

The Distinctive Discipleship Process

Distinctive Discipleship is a process – not a program. It’s a method to help you design a specific plan for Christian maturity in your life or in the life of someone you are discipling. 

On a First Name Basis with God

God is not a distant deity in the sky, unwilling to be known by His people. He provides us with His name, indicating the type of relationship He desires to have with us.

If You’ve Got Good Leaders in Your Church

While no human leader is perfect, we should consider ourselves blessed to have godly leaders charting our path. If a minister is following Christ, it shouldn’t be a struggle to follow the one at the front of the pack heading in a Godward direction.

Some Days Are Just Hard

No matter how positive you try to be, some days are just more difficult than others. The work of Jesus should put our challenges in a healthy and needed perspective.