2023 Bible Reading Plans

One of the surest ways to grow in Christ is by examining the Scriptures daily. Many people fail at Bible reading because they don’t have a plan or a partner, but we want to help. 

2022 Annual Report

We are consistently amazed at what Jesus is doing through the Rocky Creek Church family. As we celebrate what He has done in 2022, we anticipate what He will accomplish in 2023.

3 Steps to Staying Thankful

When everyone seems stressed out, it isn’t easy to maintain a thankful attitude. Even if it doesn’t come naturally, you must resolve to find the goodness of God still lingering on this earth to embody the type of gratitude to thrive.

Waypoint (November 2022)

Waypoint is a quarterly event intended to celebrate what God is doing through our church family. At the November 2022 gathering, we celebrated what God did in the past year and looked ahead at what we prayerfully anticipate doing in the coming year.

Entrust 2023 Courses

The Entrust Institute is a unique learning experience partnering with a local church to achieve seminary training and practical ministry experience. We have an exciting slate of courses scheduled for 2023.

When the Commission Becomes the Competition

When the commission becomes the competition, all of our churches are in danger. We must consider how to strengthen those churches down the road as eagerly as we would for those around the world.

The Failure of “My Truth”

A culture that defends its beliefs and behaviors on personal ideations of what feels true to an individual is one that is destined to fail. No matter how much “you do you,” you will ultimately have to make an account before God.

The Danger of Sweet-Spot Ministry

We all serve more effectively and efficiently if we are working in line with our giftings and passions. But even if you can’t find the ideal way to help doesn’t mean you should wait to serve in any capacity.

Dragging Behind the Wedding Getaway Car

Before you hop into the getaway car at your wedding reception, realize that you will have some unfortunate baggage. We each carry evidence of Eden’s eviction behind us.

Why Pastors Should Post

Pastors can approach social media platforms as available pulpits by which to point others to Jesus. If they are growing personally, they should look for opportunities to share what they are learning.

Discipleship Requires Different Directions

While all true Christians will end up in the same place one day, none of us are in the same position currently. If every Christian is in a spiritually unique place surrounded by specific challenges, why do we think that a broad approach will work for every single one of us?

When Nature Steals Our Song

While we were made to worship, we often neglect the blessed opportunity. If we look around us, we discover that even nature will sing our song if we refuse to do so.

Can You Let God Down?

When we characterize our missteps as letting God down, we imply that we are holding him up in the first place. If God’s well-being is contingent upon our success, we are all in trouble.

Don’t Pursue the Position

In our culture that encourages self-promotion to climb ladders of success, how should Christians seek to advance? While common sense tells us to put ourselves out there, Jesus’ uncommon wisdom tells us to humble ourselves.

For Those in Need of Hope

When we look around us at the state of the world, we can easily succumb to fear and anxiety. In the midst of unsettling times, you can turn to God for the hope that you so desperately need.

Worship Isn’t About You

Instead of focusing our worship on God, somehow we have made ourselves the center of attention. Worship was never meant to be about us in the first place.

Palmetto Collective Fall Retreat

What does it mean to stay on mission in light of endangering distractions intended to take you off course? For those who desire to follow Jesus for the long haul, you must be intentional about what you start doing and stop doing.

The Danger of a God We Could Edit

We want ever so desperately to serve a deity whom we have the freedom and capability to edit. Our altered version of God would run this world into the ground because he would look too much like us.  

When God Gives, He Gives Abundantly

It is easy to think about what we wish we had, but how often do we reflect on what God has already provided? A simple review of your life may reveal that God has already blessed you in abundant ways.

2023 Sermon Planning Resource

Would you like a guide to help you prepare long-term sermon planning for next year? Here is a free resource to help you plan where God is leading you to lead your congregation.

Unreliable Precautions

Tragedy struck when a Chinese policy to quarantine citizens who tested positive for Covid-19 killed 27 people on the midnight bus ride. It serves as a reminder that no matter how many precautions we take, we are never truly invincible.

Common Royalty

With the passing of Queen Elizabeth II, the world comments on her impressive accomplishments as well as her family’s unfortunate dramas. No matter how much protection any of us have from outside threats, no one can protect us from ourselves.