4 Things God Has Called You to Be

We often have dreams of what we can accomplish and deal with what others pressure us to become, but what about God’s desires? Here are four things God has called you to be.

LESS Is More in Counseling

While there is great wisdom in utilizing people with counseling licensing and experience, we often belittle the good that others can do even without proper training. Any ministry leader should be able to take some initial steps with someone in need.

No Place for Entitled Worship Leaders

Stages can lend way to entitled attitudes, and worship leaders aren’t immune from it. If we keep our focus on Jesus, we will maintain a proper perspective.

Walk Worthily & Togetherly

In our desire to prioritize one’s personal relationship with Jesus, we often miss the necessary nature of discipleship being worked out in community with other believers. We can’t seek to walk worthily if we are unwilling to do so togetherly.

Intentional Imitation

Our commitment to fleshing out our personal walks with Christ overlooks our need to learn from one another. True discipleship prioritizes imitation over information.

Let No Hobby Separate

Our hobbies can easily become our obsessions when we spend more thoughts, time, effort, and money on them than anything else. Learn to like your hobbies and love your spouse.


Methods of Evangelism, Part 2

There are many methods to share the gospel, and there is no one surefire way. It is best to find some options that you feel comfortable using and get started by telling the greatest news to your closest relationships.

The God Who Draws Us Near

Exodus 24:1-18 – After God provided the commandments, He ratified a covenant with His people. A sacrifice was essential so that the people could experience close fellowship with God.

Spiritual Slumber

There are many people out there who are spiritually dead, but there are others who are simply asleep. We are called to help one another wake up to the spiritual realities around us to stay watchful.

Why Some Christians Thrive in College

I have witnessed too many students begin college following Christ but leave far from Him. In my years of ministry, one particular element makes the difference between those who make it and those who don’t.

2024 Sermon Planning Resource

Preparing to preach one sermon is daunting, and planning to preach a year’s worth can feel overwhelming. That’s why I created a simple resource to help you as you pray and plan.

Church Changes to Unite Families

If we are not careful, our churches’ programming will widen the division already present among family members. Here are some changes to consider regarding how your church can unite your family to pursue Christ.

Waypoint (Fall 2023)

God has been so good to us at Rocky Creek. Here are some updates on what’s been happening over the last quarter, and we also want to share some important news about what is happening next.

We Advertise What We Adore

We’ve all felt guilt for not talking about the LORD intentionally with others, but we should never have to force ourselves. Without prompting, we advertise what we adore.

Evangelism (Entrust Course)

You don’t have to be crippled in fear when sharing the good news of Jesus with others. Learn how to share the gospel confidently in a manner that is faithful to the biblical message and with a method that is adaptable to each individual.

Jesus Loves Us This I Know

Jesus loves me, this I know, but the Bible tells me that He loves us so. The widespread form of His love teaches something important about His heart and our need for one another.

We All Don’t Need the Same Type of Encouragement

While we all need to be encouraged, we all don’t need to be encouraged in the same way. Depending upon how we are wired and what is happening, we need something different from those around us.

The Chutes and Ladders God

Many people follow the Chutes and Ladders God. We reckon that God depends on our ethical integrity to determine how he should best deal with us.

Church Hurt Is a Real Thing

Being a part of a church is difficult because people are involved. We must learn how to be patient with others and pray they can be patient with us as we seek to follow Jesus together.

The Necessary Switch in Your Marriage

Marriage cannot work if someone has a higher priority than the spouse. There must be a thorough yet healthy leaving of one’s initial family and a complete and eager cleaving of one’s unique spouse.

Fuge 2024 (NGU Recap)

As Christians, we are called to bear this image as Christ did on earth. Therefore, we are called to live as a new creation, one who is set apart and is a reflection of the God who created us and loves us.

How Pride Shows Up on a Worship Team

Pride can show up within a worship team in many different ways. If unchecked, its presence can ruin the potential ministry of the whole church.

The Real Heroes of Student Camp

The real heroes of a student camp aren’t the people on the stage but the chaperones driving the church vans. Here are some tangible ways to continue making an impact once you get home.