Next Steps with a Church

Since discipleship is a journey, we all have the next steps to take, but they are all different from one another. We want to provide a simple way to help others navigate their movement forward. 

First Step

People take the first step at a church by checking them out online or in person. In the digital communication and greeter services, you want to provide the best experience possible for people checking out your church.


We invite people to enter a relationship with Jesus and our church family. We help by creating follow-up systems to guide people through this process.

Step Up

We help people step into their discipleship journey by assisting them to create a discipleship plan and find a small group. If we want them to grow, we must give them options to do so.

Step Out

We want to help people find a meaningful place of service where they can use their gifts. By assisting them to take personal responsibility for Kingdom activity, we can activate them for life-changing opportunities.