4 Things God Has Called You to Be

We often have dreams of what we can accomplish and deal with what others pressure us to become, but what about God’s desires? Here are four things God has called you to be.

LESS Is More in Counseling

While there is great wisdom in utilizing people with counseling licensing and experience, we often belittle the good that others can do even without proper training. Any ministry leader should be able to take some initial steps with someone in need.

Walk Worthily & Togetherly

In our desire to prioritize one’s personal relationship with Jesus, we often miss the necessary nature of discipleship being worked out in community with other believers. We can’t seek to walk worthily if we are unwilling to do so togetherly.

Intentional Imitation

Our commitment to fleshing out our personal walks with Christ overlooks our need to learn from one another. True discipleship prioritizes imitation over information.

Let No Hobby Separate

Our hobbies can easily become our obsessions when we spend more thoughts, time, effort, and money on them than anything else. Learn to like your hobbies and love your spouse.

Spiritual Slumber

There are many people out there who are spiritually dead, but there are others who are simply asleep. We are called to help one another wake up to the spiritual realities around us to stay watchful.