Suffering Is Necessary for Sanctification

No one seeks to experience suffering, yet many of us could testify that it was necessary for our personal sanctification. As we struggle through life, we see that the trials we experience drive us to need spiritual growth.

The God Who Draws Us Near

Exodus 24:1-18 – God has proven to desire a close relationship with His people, no matter how far we stray. In this sermon, from Ridgeways Baptist Church in Nairobi, Kenya, discover how God is pulling up a chair for you.

Family Ministry Rules & Responses

How should church leaders and ministry volunteers interact with misbehaving children and questioning parents? You’re not helping anyone if you don’t address the issues, but there are wiser ways to do so.

Travis Agnew

I’m a disciple of Jesus, husband to Amanda, dad to the Agnew 3, and Lead Pastor of Rocky Creek Church in Greenville, SC.

I hope the resources on this site can help your personal discipleship.



How to Make a Big Project Manageable

If you undertake a massive project, you must create some reasonable steps along the way. If you don’t, you will get overwhelmed with the immensity and never make any progress.

How to Plan a Year’s Worth of Sermons

Jesus taught that before you build a tower or wage a war, you better count the cost. When it comes to tackling a major project, like planning sermon series one year at a time, you have to put together a plan that is workable and scalable.

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