Don’t Waste Your College Experience

Many students waste their college experience on unhelpful pursuits. If you want to get the most out of this time, you must start by focusing on the essentials.

Travis Agnew

I’m a disciple of Jesus, husband to Amanda, dad to the Agnew 3, and Lead Pastor of Rocky Creek Church in Greenville, SC.

I hope the resources on this site can help your personal discipleship.

Jesus Didn’t Flinch

Jesus’ sacrifice would be amazing if He had gone through it while unprepared, but the amazing thing is that He knew about it and didn’t run from it. Jesus didn’t flinch when it came to securing our redemption.

Make your personalized discipleship plan, and start growing again!

Pick a reasonable plan, and study the message that can change your life.

This resource can help a couple prepare for a godly marriage.

Why Life Often Seems Pointless

Ecclesiastes 1:1-18 โ€“ Even when King Solomon had everything, he felt it was all for nothing. No matter how personally successful you are, you will reach a place where you question the meaning of lifeโ€™s pursuits.ย 


The last book of the Bible prepares the Church for our final and eternal reality. The end is nearing, the victory is coming, and our Savior is returning.

The True Vine

John 15:1-8 โ€“ We cannot settle for a human intermediary to regulate our relationship with God. Jesus has invited us to know Him and to abide with HIm closely.

Church & Instructions

As Christianity spread throughout the world after Jesusโ€™ ascension, the leaders attempted to keep the movement to Christโ€™s example and intention. The mission advanced quickly through the establishment of churches and the spreading of letters.

The Way, the Truth, and the Life

John 14:1-11 โ€“ Life is short, eternity is long, and each of us will spend somewhere forever. We can confidently trust Jesus because He has prepared a place in heaven for His followers.

This Father Won’t Overlook You

Many people know the pain of never feeling like they were enough by the standards of a father or another authority figure. When we come to our Heavenly Father, He provides the exact opposite of what many of us have experienced.

Damascus & Council

Saulโ€™s conversion dramatically changed the missional focus of the early Church and Christianity as a whole. During that time, the gospel opened the door to both Jews and Gentiles, and the Jerusalem Council ensured it would stay that way.

The Door

John 10:1-10 โ€“ Jesus is aware of the dangers of untrustworthy spiritual figures. He watches over our souls and protects us from those whose only interest in our spiritual conditions is themselves.

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