How to Get Your Eyes Off Your Circumstances

It’s not easy to endure challenges when they continue to increase. The only way to get your eyes off your circumstances is to refocus them on something greater.

Travis Agnew

I’m a disciple of Jesus, husband to Amanda, dad to the Agnew 3, and Lead Pastor of Rocky Creek Church in Greenville, SC.

I hope the resources on this site can help your personal discipleship.

Open Homes & Deep Relationships

We live in a society where we oftentimes revert to isolation rather than embracing community. Understanding that we are in need of deep relationships, we lack the prioritized time to see those connections thrive.


Jesusโ€™ ministry only lasted three years, but the effect of it has completely changed history. In studying the critical components of his ministry, we can better ascertain the purpose for which he came.ย 

Make your personalized discipleship plan, and start growing again!

Pick a reasonable plan, and study the message that can change your life.

This resource can help a couple prepare for a godly marriage.

Seeking Lifelong Discipleship

Psalm 119:97-112 โ€“ Just because someone is seasoned does not mean they are scriptural. We need personal commitment and committed disciple-makers to follow Godโ€™s ways for the long haul.ย 


We know little about his life between the birth of Jesus and the beginning of his ministry. The gospel authors reported very sparse details, but what we do know provides excellent insight into his preparation for the ministry.ย 

Investigating Biblical Inerrancy

Psalm 119:81-96 โ€“ This culture seeks to lead us astray from Godโ€™s truth by planting doubt and distrust in our minds. The more we investigate Scripture, the more we find it trustworthy.

7 Years

It’s hard to believe that it’s been seven years of serving as the Lead Pastor of Rocky Creek. This church family has been a steady source of inspiration as we have sought to follow Jesus together.


The Son of God came in the flesh to fulfill Godโ€™s plan of salvation. The birth of Jesus was not an afterthought but an intentional plan from the beginning.

Interpreting God-Given Afflictions

Psalm 119:65-80 โ€“ You can only say that God does all things well if you can accept that He does rightfully bring discipline into our lives. God can even use afflictions for our instruction.ย 

The Grandfather I Longed to See

When I was younger, I thought that this photo on my grandmother’s wall was a photo of my deceased grandfather. I later found out that he was a symbol of what so many were longing to see: an older, faithful disciple of Jesus finishing strong.

Healthy Friendships

Whoever is nearest to you will have the greatest influence upon you. Thereโ€™s no way around it. Our relationships determine how well we can follow Jesus.

The Four Gospels

The four Gospels are books about Jesus but not by Jesus. These accounts show a full picture of Jesusโ€™ message and ministry, delivered to four specific audiences.

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