Rejecting Teenage Apathy

Our culture doesn’t expect much from teenagers, but that doesn’t mean that Jesus feels the same way. Throughout the pages of Scripture and over the course of history, God has repeatedly used young people in incredible ways.

Open Homes & Deep Relationships

We live in a society where we oftentimes revert to isolation rather than embracing community. Understanding that we are in need of deep relationships, we lack the prioritized time to see those connections thrive.

Something Worse Than Being Single

While the desire to find someone and eventually be married isn’t a wrong thing, you must be careful not to settle. Wait for the right person and the right time.

Jesus Will Make You Pick a Side

If you really follow Jesus, He will demand you to express clear allegiance. Your relationship with Him will also cause others to determine their interaction with you based on how connected you are to Him.

Healthy Friendships

Whoever is nearest to you will have the greatest influence upon you. There’s no way around it. Our relationships determine how well we can follow Jesus.

4 Steps to Consistent Bible Study

Plenty of people struggle to keep a consistent Bible reading plan due to numerous distractions that consistently keep us from this necessary discipline. These four steps can help you stay faithful in a habit that can change your life for the better.

Why Some Christians Never Grow Up

When someone receives the gospel, that individual starts the journey of discipleship. We often classify such new believers as spiritual infants. But what happens if those young in their faith never grow past their initial faith commitment?

Needing Scripture & Distrusting Ourselves

Each of us cannot be left to our personal wisdom to determine the decisions we ought to make. We require a truth that is more trustworthy than our fickle feelings and reactionary responses.

Devoted to Scripture

You’ve heard people say that you need to read the Bible, but what if you can’t stand reading? You’ve got to retrain your mind regarding the Bible.

Rethinking Bible Plans

We often encourage people to read God’s Word daily, but we rarely provide people with assistance so they can experience success. As you think about your personal time in the Word, do you have a plan that will help you grow in your personal discipleship?