Unpopular Christianity

Jesus spoke of His way being a narrow path that few find themselves upon, and our world is full of people who create their own paths of distorted Christianity. If the religious way is popular, it’s probably not the Jesus way.

Teach Us to Pray

Prayer is not an emergency hotline only to dial when we get in trouble; it is an ongoing connection with our Father so we can stay in step with His Son. If we want to learn how to pray well, we best go learn from Jesus.

Don’t Belittle Teenage Disciples

Teenagers get a bad rap in our society for being self-absorbed, technologically fixated, and unwillingly sacrificial. In our churches, we must not expect less from our students who desire to follow Jesus wholeheartedly.

The Atrocity of Selfish Christianity

If you listen to the way many Christians talk today, we sound so different from the way Jesus expected us to live and serve others. Instead of making it about Him and others, we make it all about becoming as comfortable as possible.

Beware the Traps of Sin

There are traps of sin that all of us can fall into because we are humans with desires of the flesh, but there are traps of sin that are very effective on you personally. If you want to follow Jesus in obedience, you must beware those traps.

How to Know If You Love Money Too Much

Money is a gift from God, but if it is not kept in the right position, it will take the place of God in our lives. In our society that treasures the riches of this world in an unhealthy way, disciples of Jesus must refocus their values.

Counting the Cost of Discipleship

Being a disciple of Jesus is more than adherence to a set of beliefs or acceptance to a momentary call; following Christ in this world changes everything. To say “yes” to Him might mean saying “no” to other things that we love.

Treating Prayer Like Your Phone

Our phones give us constant access to anyone or anything at any time, and they often distract us from the people around us. We are so prone to checking our phones throughout the day, but what if we treated the opportunity of prayer like that?

What to Do with That Selfish Person in Your Life

We all know the cringeworthy moments that can happen when a selfish person lacks self-awareness and says and does things that cause others pain. It is difficult to know how to help them redirect their attention away from themselves, but we must try.

How to Avoid Youthful Passions

At some point, we will all realize that we have never graduated from the childish way of thinking, that we ought to have what we want and ought to have it right now. This quest for immediate gratification is not from Christ and must be combatted in our lives.