The more we understand the identity of Jesus, the more we will comprehend the activity that should permeate our lives. The person and ministry of Jesus Christ meet our greatest needs. 

Premarital Caution

If you are considering marriage, I want to caution you in the right type of way. You can have a healthy marriage, but you both have to hold to one central focus to succeed.

I AM (Series Overview)

Throughout the Gospel of John, Jesus claims to be God in the flesh by using powerful metaphors that speak to His critical attributes. Discover how Jesus came to transform your life.

Righteousness Requires a Standard

We can’t just make up standards without God’s help because we could never agree. If we are going to comprehend right and wrong, we must understand that righteous requires a standard.

Godly Legacies Aren’t Left By Accident

If you want your children to grow up loving Jesus, are they seeing that authentic example in your home? Godly legacies aren’t left by accident; you must become intentional if your children have a chance to follow Jesus well.

Everyone Discipling Someone

Jesus did not reserve the Great Commission for those with special degress or extensive experiences. He plans to use ordinary people to fulfill the task of discipleship.

Cookie Cutter Discipleship Doesn’t Work

You are not in the same spiritual situation as anyone else in the world. While you have common characteristics with others, your unique scenario requires an individualized focus to make personal progress.