6 Tips for Preschool Ministry

A preschool’s ministry in a church is more than glorified babysitting. Consider these tips as you intentionally invest in the youngest people in your church family.

  • Do the Basics – At the very least, every preschooler room should have some instruction involved. For all ages, we can play worship music, read Bible stories, or pray together. Don’t demean what they can comprehend.
  • Encourage the Parents – Some parents are apprehensive about leaving their children. Put them at ease with a joyful and organized demeanor.
  • Honesty Is Best – Don’t attempt to keep the peace with parents by avoiding honest feedback on their children’s behavior. You can ask them to help with unhelpful attitudes.
  • Let Them Play – Fun is not the enemy here. Let them have fun inside and outside. 
  • Maintain the Policies – We have set policies to handle situations. Learn them, remind them, and stick to them.
  • Neglect the Videos – This generation has enough digital pacifiers in front of them; we would rather them interact with leaders and other preschoolers than a screen. If videos are needed, avoid amusing entertainment that confuses the biblical message.