Don’t Drop the Missional Baton

Once the disciples saw that Jesus’ tomb was empty, they altered everything to share that news with others. They successfully got that news to us, but will we take the baton and pass it to others?


In Matthew 28:1-10, you read of Jesus’ resurrection. Not only did He die on the cross to pay for our sins, but He rose from the grave to provide the victory we needed. The women came looking to care for a dead body, but the angels informed them that Jesus wasn’t there any longer. The grave was vacant! They didn’t need to look for Him at the tomb because He had risen (28:6). 

While overwhelmed with fear and joy, they did the only thing they could do: “They ran to tell his disciples the news” (28:8). Jesus was alive, and they needed to share that with someone! As they began to go and tell the news to others, Jesus greeted them (28:9). He reminded them that they had nothing to fear. He wanted them to go and tell His “brothers” (28:10). Even though all of Jesus’ disciples had abandoned Him, He still considered them brothers! What a statement. 

That is the message we want you to run with today. Jesus is alive, and He considers me His family. That is something to share. While there are plenty of things to communicate, brag about what Jesus has done in your life.


In Mathew 28:11-15, you read of how the misinformation about Jesus began. The soldiers who failed to stop Jesus from leaving the tomb were in trouble. They could have faced the death penalty for such failure in the eyes of the leadership. They paid them off to share a message they knew was a lie. 

“They took the money and did as they were instructed, and this story has been spread among Jewish people to this day” (28:15). Even beyond that particular people in that specific period of time, people are still spreading the lies about Jesus. Why? If Jesus did rise from the grave, then everything He preached about was true. And if all that He said is true, then we must make some changes and surrender to Him. 

That’s what started the lie then and is what is keeping it alive today. No sane person can act as if nothing significant happened around the person of Jesus 2000 years ago. How could a bunch of fearful disciples suddenly transform into bold evangelists willing to go to their deaths with a message that Jesus had risen? The only way is if Jesus was truly alive and they had experienced Him. You aren’t walking with a dead faith today. The fact that you are following a man on the other side of the world means that the message got transferred to us by people willing to stake their lives on such a claim. 


Jesus approached His disciples before He ascended into heaven (28:16). Some were still struggling to believe what they saw, but others began to worship (28:17). That’s true of us today. Some still hesitate to give it all to Jesus, but others are all in. 

Jesus came to them with a simple message that is our marching orders: Go and make disciples. Notice that He didn’t command them to make converts. Those people possess an initial faith to start a relationship with Jesus. That’s important, but there is more. You are not just called to believe but to follow. A disciple implies that you continue to learn.  

Jesus is inviting you into a lifelong journey of following Him. These words are His commission to us. We are partnering on mission with the King.