The Sinking and the Saving

Matthew 14:22-33 – Jesus walked on the water in a storm that almost capsized the disciples. Through His example and invitation, He invites us to follow Him through difficult circumstances to reach people who need hope.

Journey to the Field

It has been said that failing to prepare is preparing to fail. For short-term mission participants and trips, this is also true. Journey to the Field was developed as a tool for individuals to use as they walk toward the mission field, serve on the mission field and return from the mission field.

Commission Collective

One of the greatest mismanagements of Kingdom stewardship is when we reinvent wheels that have been running well for a long time. We must reorient ourselves as Christians and within our churches to a commission collective mindset.

Seek the City’s Welfare

As our world continues to polarize its citizens into different camps, how should Christians respond? Instead of retreating from this world, we need to be blessing this world. Your city should be a blessed place because of your church’s involvement in it.

Jesus Promises to Always Be With Me

In Matthew 28, we read of how Jesus gathered his disciples together after his resurrection. On that day, he provided the Great Commission and assured the disciples of his presence with them as they went out.