The Global Mission Starts with Individual Evangelism

When we often think about the task of global missions, we can easily be overwhelmed by the great scope of work required. This worldwide task must begin much smaller with individual disciples taking personal responsibility for the work.

Kenya Highlights 2023

Our mission trip to Kenya was full of incredible opportunities to share the gospel and disciple believers. Here are some updates from our unforgettable week with Spread Truth.

Organic & Organized Local Missions

Some churches pit organic and organized evangelistic efforts against each other. Both are important. You want the natural relational evangelism to take place, but churches would benefit by creating organized efforts too.

What Will Keep Our Church Off Mission

We desire to be more than a mission-minded church; we want to be a mission-guided church. If we are not careful, we will miss opportunities for missional endeavors because of dangerous distractions. 

Mission and World Religions

As we undertake the Great Commission, we will share the gospel with people firmly convinced of another religion’s claims. Discover the differences between the major world religions and how the Word interacts with them. 

Missiology of Western Culture

We often strategize ways to impact international fields with the gospel, but Western culture is also in great need. Understanding this mission field is necessary as we seek to engage the people around us. 

Introducing the Nations to the One True God

Exodus 7:1-13 – While the planned Exodus served to rescue God’s people, He also intended it to wake Egypt up to His supremacy compared to the gods of this world. Never overlook how God uses His work among His people to bring the nations to Him.

Holistic Mission

Throughout the years, Christianity has struggled to maintain the proper balance of sharing both the gospel and compassion. As followers of Jesus, we are called to display His kindness in both word and deed.

Survey of the Global Church

We misreport history and misrepresent reality when we consider Christianity a Western religion. The Church is a worldwide phenomenon with trends that will surprise the observant.