Fuge 2024 Recap (Ridgecrest Week 5)

The theme for Fuge 2024 was “Revival Generation.” My hope and prayer is that this generation of students will experience a great spiritual awakening in these days.

Travis Agnew

Camp Pastor

It was an honor to preach to you this week at Fuge. I’d love to send you other sermons and resources I create for discipleship every week. Sign up for a weekly email newsletter.

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June 2-7, 2025


June 24-28, 2025

Sermon Notes

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Bible Reading Post-Camp

If your life has been changed at camp, it has been the Word of God and the Spirit of God. Good thing both of those are following you home!

If you need a Bible reading plan after camp, I want to suggest some options for you:

  1. Mark. Read 1 chapter a day until you finish the book. As you read, write down ways in which you see Jesus reviving people everywhere He goes. By the time you finish that, you should have time to ask your student pastor for another book to read next. Or you could…
  2. Word. Read through the 100-Day Bible Reading Plan. This plan provides 50 key OT passages and 50 key NT passages.
  3. Distinctive Discipleship. Prepare a Distinctive Discipleship plan. This is a simple process to identify 6 key areas to work on in your life for the next few months.

Count Me In

Discipleship Book for Students

Count Me In walks students through the entire Gospel of Luke and Jesus’s bold invitation to follow Him daily, obey Him faithfully, and trust Him completely. Each of the eight chapters focuses on an important element of discipleship, from studying Scripture to sharing Jesus with others.

Here’s when the 140th teenager boldly came across the stage to profess Christ from this week of camp! Thank you for your prayers!!! This generation is longing for revival!