Power Corrupts and Injustice Continues

Ecclesiastes 3:16-4:3 – As long as people have authority over others, injustice will be rampant. Political and financial influences govern our society, and these structures reveal how people often take advantage of others.


  • Wickedness is present even where we should see the right thing done in the right way (3:16).
  • A judgment day is coming for all people according to God’s standard (3:17).
  • Sinful pursuits cause us to act like animals, addressing cravings without thought to who they hurt (3:18).
  • Creatures will exhibit power struggles until the day they run out of it (3:19-20).
  • The world’s power can acquire its treasures but nothing beyond it (3:21-22).
  • The more power someone has, the easier it is to take advantage of others (4:1).
  • Our world is so overrun with injustice that it is sometimes difficult to behold (4:2-3).


  • God grants each of us some degree of power to reflect Him but not replace Him.
  • With unchecked authority, each of us becomes the thing we campaigned against.
  • Don’t disregard sympathizing with another’s experiences of injustice.
  • Stop telling people their feet shouldn’t hurt if you haven’t walked a mile in their shoes.
  • Our attempt to gain authority left us powerless, but the gospel provides hope for life after death.