The Danger of Discontentment

Ecclesiastes 5:8-6:12 – Without contentment, we will protect our possessions with unhealthy perspectives. The treasures of this life are gifts from God as long as they don’t replace Him. 


  • Powerful people know how to use the rich and exploit the poor for personal advantage (5:8-9).
  • It is rare for someone to reach a satisfactory level of personal wealth (5:10-12).
  • Poor business decisions will unnecessarily rob you and your family (5:13-17).
  • If you recognize perks in this life as gifts from God, it’s not sinful to enjoy them (5:18-20).
  • Discontentment will prohibit you from enjoying the resources and respect given to you (6:1-7).
  • Wisdom is recognizing what you have, not longing for what you don’t (6:8-9).
  • We waste great effort attempting to ascribe more value to worldly treasures than they can provide (6:10-12).


  • Discontentment drives dangerous decisions.
  • If excess is preferred, success is improbable.

Common Temptations When Discontent

  • Settle:
  • Shortcut:
  • Steal:
  • Sacrifice:

The secret to contentment is learning how to enjoy – not indulge.