Ambitiously Rich and Relationally Poor

Ecclesiastes 4:4-5:7 – You can have all this world has to offer and no one to share it with due to how you align your priorities. Ensure your life has the margin to grow relationally with God and others.


  • If we seek achievement to rival another’s, we will never find contentment (4:4-6).
  • Obtaining all that the world offers and having no one to share it with is one of life’s greatest tragedies (4:7-8).
  • Life is too challenging to attempt without committed relationships (4:9-12).
  • If success blinds us to our need for advice from those we respect, we are heading for a downfall (4:13-16).
  • A dangerous type of haughty spirit approaches God on one’s own terms (5:1-3).
  • Instead of talking about what you hope to do for God, do what you can right now (5:4-7).


  • Your family wants your presence more than your provision.
  • Your friends want your humility more than your haughtiness. 
  • Your mentors want your ear more than your excuses.
  • Your God wants your obedience more than your oaths.