Sermon Series on Nehemiah

During Nehemiah’s day, God’s people were discouraged and directionless. God raised up a leader to inspire other leaders to reinstate God’s people by uniting together for God’s original purposes. Met with significant challenges, they continued to press on to the work assigned to them. As we study this book together as a church, we will prayerfully accept the calling on our lives to be God’s people united for God’s work here in Greenville and beyond.

Nehemiah Sermons

When It’s Not What It’s Supposed to Be

Nehemiah 1:1-11 – Once Nehemiah heard the condition of God’s people, his brokenness led him to prayer. When our circumstances are not what they are supposed to be, do we approach God for His help?

When God Puts a Plan Together

Nehemiah 2:1-20 – Nehemiah risked his comfort to evaluate the work required to reestablish the people of God. When God puts a plan together, we see how He uses people and processes to accomplish something great.

When We Work Together

Nehemiah 3:1-32 – As the work on the wall began, Nehemiah organized the people into specific groups to accomplish the greater task. When we work together as the people of God, we can marvel at the progress He intentionally makes among us.