When We’re Tempted to Slow Progress

Nehemiah 6:1-19 – The people not only experienced organized efforts to slow them, but certain people also conspired against the leadership. When we’re tempted to slow progress, we must discern God’s will among all the competing voices.

Recap: Nehemiah rallied God’s people together to protect them from external and internal threats.

Nehemiah’s Example

  • Whenever God’s people make progress on His plans, antagonists will inevitably harass them (6:1-2).
  • Distractions seek to sideline God’s people from God’s work (6:3-4).
  • When others spread lies, simply deliver the truth and keep moving forward (6:5-8).
  • Following God amid opposition is exhausting, so His people must rely on Him for endurance (6:9).
  • Don’t trust a prophet if he’s funded by a politician (6:10-13).
  • Surrender your right to retaliate, and trust God to do what is necessary (6:14).
  • God’s people should undertake such tasks that the only way they can succeed is by God’s help (6:15-19).

Our Response

  • Fear – Remember that any force attempting to intimidate you cannot bully God.
  • Falsehood – You’re responsible for sharing the truth but aren’t accountable for others believing it.
  • Force – Beware influencers with unbiblical messages and improper motives.

When we’re tempted to slow progress, we must hone in on God’s Word and ignore other voices.