Avoiding Disgraceful Endings

Psalm 119:33-48 – If you desire to finish strong at the end of your life, it is necessary to apply God’s Word now. To avoid a disgraceful ending, diligently learn and relentlessly stay on the scriptural paths.

Upholding Honesty

Exodus 20:16 – The ninth commandment prohibited the people from bearing false witness against each other. God is truth, and His people should be known for being truth-tellers.

Investigating Integrity

Instead of focusing on what others see in church, consider what God notices within the revealing aspects of your conduct. Pay attention to the way of integrity, because if you don’t, you will pay attention to something far less worthwhile and most likely experience it.

When We’re Tempted to Slow Progress

Nehemiah 6:1-19 – The people not only experienced organized efforts to slow them, but certain people also conspired against the leadership. When we’re tempted to slow progress, we must discern God’s will among all the competing voices.

Do the Right Thing. Now.

Do the right thing, right now, and trust God for the results. Yesterday cannot be changed, but today can be lived with integrity.