When God Puts a Plan Together

Nehemiah 2:1-20 – Nehemiah risked his comfort to evaluate the work required to reestablish the people of God. When God puts a plan together, we see how He uses people and processes to accomplish something great.

When God Puts a Plan Together from Rocky Creek on Vimeo.

Nehemiah’s Example

  • Nehemiah’s burdened disposition varied so greatly from his norm that the king noticed (2:1-3).
  • Prayer was such a consistent habit for Nehemiah that he stayed connected to God even when talking with the king(2:4).
  • For four months, Nehemiah prayed consistently and planned thoroughly (2:5-8).
  • While God and the king were favorable toward Nehemiah, that did not insulate him from opposition (2:8-10).
  • God led Nehemiah in what he should do, but Nehemiah had to evaluate how to do it (2:11-16).
  • Nehemiah mobilized a people with a confident trust in God and a compelling vision to go forward (2:17-20). 

Our Response

  • Years of consistent integrity is what it often takes to acquire favor from another.
  • The more you prioritize scheduled times of prayer, the more natural you will pursue spontaneous times of prayer. 
  • There is nothing incompatible with praying for God’s direction and planning your next steps.
  • Anticipate resistance any time you plan on doing something for God.
  • You risk nothing if you ambitiously attempt something God desires.

When God puts a plan together, there is no force powerful enough to stop it.