When Everyone Is Accounted For

Nehemiah 7:1-73 – As the workers prepared to settle into the land, Nehemiah assembled them to ensure all were covered. When everyone is accounted for among the people of God, we can rest knowing that we all have others watching out for us.

Recap: Nehemiah led volunteers to rebuild the wall to reestablish God’s people.

Nehemiah’s Example

  • The people had one strategy to build the wall and another to keep it up (7:1).
  • Any type of work benefits when the worker values God more than anything else (7:2).
  • The people diligently guarded the faith community and the family units (7:3).
  • A consistent spiritual walk helped Nehemiah discern God’s leading for their next steps (7:4-5).
  • The people of God would not thrive unless some of them personally sacrificed to see it happen (7:6-7).
  • God emboldened His people through simple individuals investing their presence, service, and resources (7:8-73).

Our Response

  • Believe that the Bible is a trustworthy account of a real God caring for real people.
  • Don’t live life being unsure of who your people are and what your purpose is.
  • Give with an attitude that is equal and an amount that is proportional.
  • Strengthen the people of God today so that they’ll be able to help you tomorrow.

When everyone is accounted for, we portray the heart of God that every individual is valued.