When We All Know Our Roles

Nehemiah 11:1-36 – The people of God organized their efforts and installed leaders in critical areas. When we all know our roles, we are better if we serve according to our giftedness and others’ requirements.

Recap: The reemerging people of God rediscovered their place with God and one another.

Nehemiah’s Example

  • Aspiring to leadership surrenders certain options in one’s life (11:1).
  • When they didn’t have enough people willing to serve in key places, they had to force some to do so (11:1).
  • Some were willing to put themselves in uncomfortable positions for the betterment of others (11:2).
  • God’s work done God’s way involves all people bearing different responsibilities (11:3-36).
  • Some led, some supported, but all were involved.
  • A key to the health of God’s people was organizing them around relationships and responsibilities.

Our Response

  • The proximity of God’s work always invites conflict, but His presence makes it worth it.
  • God is enlisting people who pursue His cause over their comfort.
  • The work of God continues through ordinary people finding the courage and commitment to do what is necessary.

How is this church currently better because of your service?

When we all know our roles, we can find the fulfillment that God created us to experience.