The Son of God came in the flesh to fulfill God’s plan of salvation. The birth of Jesus was not an afterthought but an intentional plan from the beginning.

The Four Gospels

The four Gospels are books about Jesus but not by Jesus. These accounts show a full picture of Jesus’ message and ministry, delivered to four specific audiences.

The Grand Narrative of Scripture

Truth has a story, and the Bible puts the entire narrative together. While many people know isolated events and popular phrases from within the pages of the Scriptures, it is important to understand the big picture of what God is doing.

Overview of the New Testament

Nine authors wrote the twenty-seven books that comprise the New Testament. Within a few decades, they complied and spread the message of Jesus and the ministry of the early church.

Intro to the New Testament

The New Testament highlights the message and ministry of Jesus Christ. Understanding the purpose and position of the section within the Bible helps us know how to apply it better to our lives.

Cults and World Religions

When encountering other religions or cults, it can be difficult to share Christ with people of religious backgrounds effectively. It is important to understand shared language and differing beliefs. 

Planning with a Purpose

If you want to break the weekly cycle of aimlessly planning worship services, you can plan with a purpose. Considering your church and team, you can learn how to improve your ability to design intentional worship gatherings.

5 Worship Team Killers

Every worship team is under spiritual attack, and they must decide if they want to put up a fight. Discover what takes down many teams, and do what you can to reverse the trends.

Assurance of Salvation

After we have put our faith in Jesus, we can often be led to question our salvation due to our circumstances. When we put our faith in Jesus, His work has saved us once and for all. 

Next Steps in Evangelism

Once someone has received the gospel, our job is incomplete. Jesus has called us to baptize those individuals and disciple them into mature faith.