Cults and World Religions

When encountering other religions or cults, it can be difficult to share Christ with people of religious backgrounds effectively. It is important to understand shared language and differing beliefs. 

Obstacles in Evangelism

As we share our faith, we will encounter common pushback. We need to understand these obstacles in order to help people move past them. 

4 Things God Has Called You to Be

We often have dreams of what we can accomplish and deal with what others pressure us to become, but what about God’s desires? Here are four things God has called you to be.

How Our Sins Can Affect Others

It takes a person out of touch with reality to say that one’s sins do not affect others. Our sins can quickly devastate those around us, especially when our anger leads us to justify our words and actions.

I Don’t Belong Here

In an ever-changing societal landscape, Christians often feel more out of place. The standards of this world will war against the biblical mandates, and therefore, we ought to feel different.

The Only Book That Doesn’t Require a 2nd Edition

Books constantly need revision because of outdated references or incorrect information, but the Bible’s message needs no update. God’s Word endures forever, and we should develop our worldview from something with such staying power.

Christians Should Be Different

Christianity is getting a bad reputation because too many disciples fail to show any distinguishing characteristics from the world. Jesus has saved us from sin but also to a new way of living.

When a Church Isn’t a Church

A church must be built on Jesus, just like our lives must be centered around Him. If a church is grounded on something other than Jesus, it might not really be a church.

Grow Up to Build Up

We often speak of the individualized side of following Jesus to warn others from a false belief of inheriting the benefits of another’s devotion, but we also miss something. One Christian’s growth should help build the rest of us up.