Engaging Teenagers

People often talk about the unique challenges that teenagers bring. Whether you are a parent, mentor, or church leader trying to invest in the student generation, you must prioritize that which can inspire them to be all God has called them to be.

Growing Spiritually This Summer

It seems like that the more free time we have, the less disciplined we can become regarding spiritual growth. Here are 5 simple steps to help you create a plan to grow spiritually this summer.

Game-Changing Group Leaders

Your church is as healthy as the groups assembled. Your groups are as healthy as the leaders available. Like it or not, the maturity of any group of people rises and falls on the pace that the leaders set. The leadership in your church is critical. It’s time to go the second mile with game-changing group leaders.

Praying for National Leaders

Over a week after the election for President of the United States, much of the country still feels in limbo. With one side claiming victory and the other side refusing to concede, this process may continue for quite some time. Don’t feel helpless or hopeless. It’s time to go the second mile in praying for national leaders.

Discipline: Training Your Soul’s Habits

God has created us for and called us to unique tasks. As particularly gifted and positioned disciples, we each should pursue the needed maturity to do what God has called us to accomplish.

Discipline Yourself

Scripture: 1 Thessalonians 4:1-8 Main Points The reason holiness is so elusive to us is because we judge it by the world’s standard instead of the Word’s standard. Most of our presumed holiness is based on a comparison to the world rather than an evaluation from the Word. In this life, holiness is a pursuit …


Finding Contentment

“Daddy, I need some sweet tea!” As Gloria began to beg for some of that Southern goodness, her older brother, Obadiah, stated, “Gloria, you want some sweet tea.  You don’t need sweet tea.” What a simple lesson that I need to learn. There is a difference between what I want and what I need. In prayer, …


Prayer for the President

I saw this church sign awhile back.  It made me chuckle but also cringe at the same time. I do not agree with everything that President Barack Obama does.  I am brokenhearted over some of his stances.  But he is my president. And of all the things that people will say about him or say …


When a Pastor’s Church and Family Collide

I’ve had some great followup conversations and messages from Sunday’s sermon.  One came in the form of an email regarding something I said concerning PKs (preacher’s kids). In the application section of the message, I stated: Don’t expect pastors to care for your family at such a level that they cannot care for their own …