Expository & Engaging Preaching

Due to heretical content given by engaging personalities or boring deliveries given by robust theologians, preaching has received mixed reviews. Preachers can and should be both accurate in content and passionate in delivery.

Multiplication Mindset

To be a disciple of Jesus Christ implies that you ought to be thinking of how your life can impact others. We must have a next man and next woman up type of mentality.

What Should I Read in the Bible?

The Bible is a big book full of complicated stories, challenging situations, and complex settings that often seem foreign to us. Most of us never finished reading the Bible because we never started in the wisest place. It is important to know how you ought to progress.

Premarital Consideration

God did not invite us to embark upon the journey of marriage unprepared without the instructions required to bring it safely onto the shore. The Bible provides the knowledge we need to succeed in marriage.

Don’t Be a Demas

An obscure New Testament name bears significant weight on a serious spiritual problem. A companion of Paul eventually walked away from following Jesus, and we could be in danger of the exact thing.

Biblically Deficient

We all know those people in our lives who appear very godly. Their sincere spirituality is apparent in everything they do. For those legitimate disciples, you will not find one whose deep dedication is not fueled by a love for God’s Word.

Church Leaders Require Patience

If you are called to lead a church, you must learn how to lead with patience. A refusal to give people time to process change might reveal more about your immaturity than theirs.

Finally Reading Your Bible

While much of the world is busy making resolutions that may not last the month, I want to encourage you instead to make a plan for the most life-changing habit you can have in this life – reading your Bible. It’s time to put down the excuses.

What Is the Bible?

Before we attempt to interpret the Bible correctly, we must first recognize what this book is in the first place. The Bible is God’s Word so that we can truly know Him. Purpose The Bible is the greatest indication that the Creator desires to communicate with his creation. Long ago, God spoke to our ancestors …


Life-Changing Camps & Nit-Picking Parents

Parents – so you’ve sent your children off to church camp, have you? What is your expectation once they return? Discover what Jesus did in your child’s life before focusing on temporal issues.