Pastoral Reflection on 2020

As I look back over 2020, I’m more overwhelmed at what God did than what we endured. Yes, this year had its fair share of challenges, but it didn’t hinder God’s work.

Think Church Rebuild – Not Church Restart

All church leaders have been imagining what it will be like when we restart and everything returns to normal. That isn’t happening. We need to think about a church rebuild – not a church restart.

The Looming Decision for COVID Education

I have talked with so many parents who are concerned with the unknown situation regarding their children’s education during these anxious times we live in due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We are now in July, and most parents are holding their breath awaiting an imminent decision with serious implications.

Don’t Be Surprised by the Supreme Court

Over the last few weeks, the Supreme Court has made some decisions that were surprising to many. The apparent conservative majority among the justices was supposed to ensure that significant cases regarding ethical issues would be destined to lean toward conservative conclusions. That has not been the case.

These Are My Sons [Both of Them]

These are my sons. Both of them. I have been asked before, “Are they really your sons?” “Oh, they are both quite real, so then I would suppose they are both really my sons.” They are my sons, and they are brothers. Real brothers. You might think I look at them differently. You are right. …


Realistic Expectations for Church Regatherings

In the weeks to come, many churches who practiced social distancing during the rise of the COVID-19 pandemic will begin to regather. Regardless of when your church decides to meet back together, here are some things to consider. Attendance will be lower. Anticipate that, and don’t get discouraged by it. If your church is intentionally …


Questions to Answer Before Reopening Church Gatherings

As a culture walking through the uncharted territory of an international pandemic, we know that we have to begin the process of reopening businesses, parks, restaurants, schools, and even churches. While plenty of measures have been taken to flatten the curve of the COVID-19, we all acknowledge that, at some point, we have to reverse …


When a Mandated Quarantine Forces Ministry Innovation

With the rise of COVID-19 around the world, it has caused everyone to get creative quickly. In ministry and church settings, we have been asked not to gather for a few weeks, but we are also aware that it could be longer. Many ministry leaders I have spoken with regret not having some things in …


Taking My Eyes Off the COVID-19

It’s Monday morning. We have an international pandemic on our hands, and I don’t know what to do. As an individual, husband, dad, pastor, and friend, I feel like many want me to provide answers. Some I have, but others I don’t. I’m an extremely optimistic pastor. I have faith in God. I know he …