God’s Awareness & Our Adoption

God knows every bit of our history and is aware of every turn in our future. Instead of turning away with such knowledge, he reaches down and reaches out anyway.

How to Help Orphans

Believers are called to find some way to assist orphans. Learn how your family could help through adoption, foster care, respite care, or financial assistance. Why is adoption important? God eagerly adopted us into His family. In love, He predestined us for adoption to Himself as sons through Jesus Christ, according to the purpose of His will (Eph. 1:5). To

14 Questions You Shouldn’t Ask Adoptive Families

As an adoptive family, we have more random stories of interactions with strangers than we care to count.  For whatever reason, close associates or random passerbys feel inclined to make conversation regarding your family when they realize a child is adopted. In our situation, it is very obvious that we are an adoptive family, and so we have heard it

Step Up

I think family ministry is a big thing.  Investing in your home is critically important for their discipleship and for the sake of the Great Commission. I would be remiss though if I did not make an appeal for men and women to step into the lives of some children who are less fortunate. As Paul served as a father figure

He Knows Her Name

I met Kelly McCorkle (now Parkison) when I was at North Greenville University.  What I appreciated about Kelly as a sister in Christ was that she was such a humble, easy-going friend.  She loved Jesus, she loved others, and she didn’t make a bunch of fuss about it. Kelly has lived a lot of life since graduating from NGU.  She

Foster Care Excuses

Have you ever considered becoming a foster family?  Listen to Randy Harling, President of Connie Maxwell Children’s Home, talk about his own experience and an exciting new partnership to help your family serve in this way.

Legos Can’t Build a Home

In the ever-increasing drive to impact the families of our community, God continues to deliver experiences that wreck my heart and yet serve as catalysts for greater desperation for the tasks ahead. I keep encountering people whose lives are shattered by what is happening within their families, and these experiences won’t let up.  And I pray that neither will I in my

Pure Religion

While I loved preaching in Kentucky this morning, I sure did miss being with my North Side family! I did get to check out things on Livestream for a bit though and I was worshiping along! So thankful that the South Carolina Youth Advocate Program joined us today to recruit some additional foster homes. The Peak band led us in

A Secure Place

Homes for Hope went amazing Thursday night!  Here is a snippet from an article from the Index Journal: Hopewood Haven Ministries in Greenwood is working to solve a problem brought forth earlier this year in a statewide report on human trafficking. The Office of the Attorney General in South Carolina released in June the South Carolina State Plan to Address