Appraising Grace

If the story of Jesus has become so common to you, it might be time to consider it with a fresh perspective. Appraising the depth of God’s grace is the most essential consideration we can make.

If You’ve Got Good Leaders in Your Church

While no human leader is perfect, we should consider ourselves blessed to have godly leaders charting our path. If a minister is following Christ, it shouldn’t be a struggle to follow the one at the front of the pack heading in a Godward direction.

It Can Sound Spiritual But Not Be Biblical

There are a lot of spiritual teachings and teachers out there, but not all of them are biblical. We must avoid being tossed around by somewhat true statements that keep us from the clarity of God’s Word.

The Reason Both Your Church and Pastor Fail

Many churches struggle because they expect the pastor to do what he is called not to do. Your leader’s role is not to do all the ministry required but to equip the membership to meet all needs together.

Why and When the Opposition Increases

If you are trying to make progress in your walk with Jesus, you will often find that the opposition increases. We tend to think that good intentions should remove any unnecessary obstacles, but we often experience the exact opposite.

Walk Worthily & Togetherly

In our desire to prioritize one’s personal relationship with Jesus, we often miss the necessary nature of discipleship being worked out in community with other believers. We can’t seek to walk worthily if we are unwilling to do so togetherly.

Church Hurt Is a Real Thing

Being a part of a church is difficult because people are involved. We must learn how to be patient with others and pray they can be patient with us as we seek to follow Jesus together.

Let No Busyness Separate

Plan for a daily connection, a weekly date, and a yearly getaway for your marriage. If any or all of those three seem impossible to obtain, that reveals how great the need is.