The Unseen Threat

Our greatest dangers are not the ones we can see. There is a battle raging all around us, even if we live our lives seemingly unaware.

Why Do I Have a Pitiful Prayer Life?

Most people claim that prayer is helpful, but our commitment to it says something different. Everyone is busy, but we always find time for what is most important. If you value prayer enough, you will prioritize time to talk with God regularly.

Fulfill a Passion vs. Fill a Position

Within the many volunteer needs a church has, it is easy to fill a generic position, but it is better to fulfill a specific passion. Our churches need people serving in areas for which God has equipped them.

The Burden of Busyness

Ephesians 5:15-17 – We wear busyness like a badge of honor in our culture, but the pace does significant damage to our souls. Consider how you should use your time in the wisest way possible.

Hermeneutics Overview

We all say that we should know the Bible better than we do. Don’t you think it’s time that we did something about it?

Don’t Ruin Your Children’s Camp Once They Return Home

As summer begins, it’s that time of year for your kids to travel to camp. If you have any of your children going to a church camp or mission trip this summer, I want to warn you about something that could do significant damage to your child’s relationship with Jesus and with you.

How to Handle Your Anger

Living in this world guarantees that anger will be a common emotion. God’s Word provides helpful wisdom regarding how to handle our anger.

The Parental Pendulum

Unfortunately, instead of finding a healthy, biblical balance of parents disciplining their children in love, I often see parents swinging to one of the far sides of the parent pendulum. Most parents tend to be either too harsh or too lenient in disciplining their children.

How to Frustrate Your Child’s Spiritual Growth

While parents should be the supportive catalysts for a child’s spiritual growth, sometimes just the opposite is experienced. Have you ever thought that your words, expressions, and actions might be discouraging your child’s personal discipleship?