Parents, God is Not the On*Star Button

It is impossible for you to try to raise your children in a godly manner.

You can’t do it, but Christ in you – the hope of glory – can (Col. 1:27). Too often, parents attempt to raise their children with godly intentions minus the godly interventions. Instead of relying on our own strengths, we need to learn to abide in Christ.

Presently, many cars come with On-Star capabilities. When in trouble, the driver can push a button, and help comes to him. Once the crisis is averted, the driver dismisses the On-Star helpers and goes about on his own for the rest of the journey.

Many parents approach life the same way. When crisis hits, they hit their knees and beg for divine intervention. Once God helps them out of the situation, they see little use for him anymore. This approach is worse than shameful, it is ignorant. If we think we can make it one step without God, we really don’t comprehend who we are dealing with here.


Watching Daddy in the Window

This weekend, I worked.  I worked in the yard, in the house, you name it, I painted, mowed, pulled, fixed, and so much more than I thought I could do.  We put our house up for sale this weekend.  We are not moving from Greenwood, but just decided this would be a good time for a move if we could

Storytellers: “No Greater Love”

Sunday, I introduced a new original worship song entitled “No Greater Love.”  We are planning on leading it again this Sunday due to some very encouraging feedback.  I told you why I tend to shrink back from leading with original songs a couple of weeks ago, but as God continues to stretch me, this is one of the songs I

Confessions of a Recovering Unintentional Worship Pastor

I’ve been challenged as of late by a very wise and creative friend to hone my skills as a leader.  One of the things he asked me this month was: “How do you help train and develop your worship team?” Hmmm. “Does it count that I took the people who recorded a worship CD last year to a Chris Tomlin concert?”

Branches on a Vine (Images of the Church – #3 of 7)

Today’s entry is number 3 on the New Testament images of the church: Branches on a Vine Nearing his imminent sacrifice upon the cross, Jesus emphasized that the church’s function was to be viewed as branches on a vine. In the Old Testament, Isaiah depicted the nation of Israel as the vine, but in the New Testament, Jesus assumed this