Damascus & Council

Saul’s conversion dramatically changed the missional focus of the early Church and Christianity as a whole. During that time, the gospel opened the door to both Jews and Gentiles, and the Jerusalem Council ensured it would stay that way.

The 4 Gospels

As we study the New Testament, we must unpack the reasoning, audience, and direction of the 4 Gospels. Download Handout – 05 – The 4 Gospels Video Audio

The Story of the Bible

The Bible is not a collection of disconnected, moralistic stories. It is the one overarching story of how the cross of Christ will rescue a fallen people. OLD TESTAMENT SECTIONS Creation– God created the world out of nothing. Fall– Mankind rebelled against God. Flood– God punished sin. Covenant– God made a covenant with Abraham’s family. Placement– God placed Joseph and his

Intro to the New Testament

He said to them, “But who do you say that I am?” -Matthew 16:15 The Meaning of the New Testament The Bible is made up of two units – the Old Testament and the New Testament. “Testament” means covenant, so the first section of the Bible describes the Old Covenant, while the second section describes the New Covenant ushered in

Why People Abandon Jesus

Judas betrayed, the disciples fled, the people accused, and Peter denied. After all Jesus had done for this world, the world abandoned Him. Mark 14:43-72 43 And immediately, while he was still speaking, Judas came, one of the twelve, and with him a crowd with swords and clubs, from the chief priests and the scribes and the elders.44 Now the betrayer had

Jesus Doesn’t Fit Into Your Box

The religious leaders of the day became increasingly frustrated because Jesus didn’t minister in the way they deemed appropriate. We must stop trying to fit Jesus into our religious boxes and realize that He came to do something new.


Open Your Home for Ministry

As Jesus gathered disciples, He befriended sinners in home settings.  Acknowledging the needs of those around us, we should open our homes and open our hearts to minister to those in close proximity to us.


Who Are the Pharisees in the Southern Baptist Convention?

It is true that in any arena of life, people have the capacity to position themselves intentionally or inwardly hope that they will rise to a certain platform.  While we wish that was untrue in relation to ministry, it unfortunately exists there as well.

As a pastor, I see the attempts around me and notice the trends inside me to advance our personal agendas.  But as someone who teaches the truth for a vocation, obviously, I should beyond such trivial pursuits.  When I teach from the Bible, I should be able to come from a grounds of moral and leadership superiority and yet I often discover that quite the opposite is true.

Sometimes the religious leaders are the problem.


Who Do You Say I Am?

This sermon was used by a college traveling team when they had an away Sunday game. The message is from Matthew 16:13-23 and talks about the need to get Christ’s identity correct. It doesn’t matter what you or I think about God.  It matters what God thinks about God.

Your Word [Storytellers]

“Your Word” was written for “The Word” project to cover the time and the themes covered by the New Testament Epistles. “The Word” is a project by North Side Worship telling the grand narrative of the Bible.  It is available at North Side (May 3, 2015) and iTunes (May 5, 2015). “The Word” project was somewhat simple to begin songwriting on Creation, Exodus, Pentecost, etc.  Big events