Bible Memory Starter Set

I get asked often: “What are some good Bible verses to memorize?” If you are just starting to memorize Scripture or trying to go even further with this wonderful spiritual discipline, I would love to help. Here is advice I regularly give: Establish Fighter Verses – Acknowledge the weak areas in your life right now.  Establish …


Tips Concerning How to Catch Up on Bible Reading

The last couple of weeks have been super busy.  As I am leading a group of folks through our 100 Day Bible Reading Plan, I have to confess something: I got behind. A few days behind. During ministry, early morning camp schedules, family stuff going on, I got more and more behind in my Bible …


The Value of Memorizing Scripture

As I prepared to speak in chapel at North Greenville University today, I decided to preach from John 15 about abiding in Christ.  In my prayer time for this sermon, I felt the need to address the consumerism that is infecting the Church today concerning Christians attaching themselves to churches, groups, personalities, or resources instead …


John Piper’s #1 Leadership Tip

The only problem with Passion 2011 was that there was way too much to process and apply.  I’m still going through lessons and trying to implement them into my life.

One of they keynote speakers at Passion was John Piper who recently took a 7-month sabbatical and came back into the public scene the week of Passion.   His message, “Getting to the Bottom of Your Joy” was huge.  Massive implications, but that wasn’t the best part of his involvment.

The next morning, he spoke to the leaders’ group.  He had planned one talk, but then decided at 6:30 that morning to change directions.

That morning, he shared with us his #1 leadership principle he has learned.


Hiding God’s Word In Your Heart

One way you can make doctrines stick with you longer is by utilizing Scripture memory. The Bible repeatedly encourages Scripture memorization. If we hide it in our hearts (Ps 119:11), then the Word of God is with us even when the leather-bound edition of it may not be near our hands. You can memorize and …