God’s Show and Tell

Yesterday was another great Sunday at North Side. As Jeff continues to lead us through this Experiencing God study, I am constantly amazed at what God is teaching me and what He is doing in the lives of the people in our church. I am hearing daily what God is doing

Jeff’s challenge to be still and listen to God was a needed one for me. The cell phone illustration was absolutely riveting for Amanda and I as we talked through the service yesterday evening. How often do I give God a list of requests and then end the call before ever listening to Him?

Sometimes, people walk away from a church service and say that the band was great or the preaching was fantastic. I walked away from yesterday’s service saying, “Our worshipers are amazing!” You guys just kept digging in to the depths of your hearts to give Jesus the kind of praise that He deserves! There were times when I was unsure if I could continue leading because I was so overwhelmed at what God’s Spirit was doing in our midst. We serve an amazing God.

The songs that we worshiped to yesterday were:

  • Beautiful One – Tim Hughes
  • Let God Arise – Chris Tomlin
  • There is None Like You – Lenny LeBlanc
  • Here I Am to Worship – Tim Hughes
  • Amazing Grace (My Chains are Gone) – Chris Tomlin

By the way, two of those songs will be on the upcoming worship CD…