Don’t forget to come out to Fusion tonight at the Greenwood Community Theatre at 7:30.  All college students and 20-somethings (as well as people who like to minister to this group) are welcomed to come out for an awesome night of getting our praise on.

Here’s the night’s specifics:

  • Doors open at 7
  • Service starts promptly at 7:30 with a rousing hip-hop number from a couple of my favorite boys
  • Door prizes of free food and such will be delivered
  • Worship band will lead you to the throne
  • I’m giving a message on why those living in Christ keep tripping up and feel guilty about it
  • We will play a corporate version of Chutes and Ladders
  • Worship band will lead you to the throne again
  • Fellowship will commence with much laughter, hugs, and coffee

So, you definitely don’t want to miss out – if you can’t come, please pray, it’s going to be a special night tonight!  I’ll give you a report tomorrow.

If you need to invite a friend, you can do so here.

Travis Agnew is married to Amanda and the father of two sons and one daughter. He serves as the Senior Pastor of Rocky Creek Baptist Church in Greenville, SC. His most recent book is What God Has Joined Together.