The Door

John 10:1-10 – Jesus is aware of the dangers of untrustworthy spiritual figures. He watches over our souls and protects us from those whose only interest in our spiritual conditions is themselves.

Jesus’ Content

  • Spiritually blind people had just kicked out a formerly blind man because he threatened the religious status quo (9:22, 34).
  • God’s people are endangered by those within who desire to take [thief – κλέπτης] and overthrow [robber – λῃστής] (10:1).
  • A church’s organization and leadership are established and guarded by Jesus (10:2).
  • Good shepherds know their sheep, face the danger, and speak the truth (10:3-6).
  • Jesus is the only acceptable door into the flock of God (10:7-9).
  • Jesus warned of a thief that isn’t Satan but the type of deceiver in a church that does his work (10:10). 

Our Consideration

  • Accept the offer to know Jesus and be a part of the family of God.
  • Follow undershepherds that you can trust until they veer off the path.
  • Beware people within the church who have selfish motives and unbiblical agendas.