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What’s Your “Offering” Feedback?


North Side Worship’s Christmas worship album, “Offering” has been released for almost two weeks, and I have been extremely humbled by the encouraging words we have received.  We are pretty excited about the fact you think it sounds great.

We are even more excited about how many of you have been giving the CDs out and sharing the love of Jesus this Christmas.  We are excited to hear stories about what it meant to the people receiving them!

So, we need your help!  Let’s share the love.  Comment below and leave either:

  1. Encouragement – Thank our wonderful worship team for the great work
  2. Reflection – Tell a story about one of the songs that impacted you
  3. Testimony – Share how you have been sharing the love this Christmas with “Offering”

And if you haven’t gotten your copy yet, you can get one at the front desk of the church, the book store, or iTunes.  Please share away!