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Unforgettable Worship Moments

You know those moments.  It’s those times when you wish the song wouldn’t come to a close.  It’s those times you feel like you are going just to be caught up into glory.  It’s those times when you choose to worship when everything isn’t alright.  It’s those times when no one is around to impress, and you just get after it.

Unforgettable worship moments.  You’ve had them.  I’ve had them.  It’s those moments where something intangible happens.

Sometimes they are with a group of people.  Sometimes you are all alone.  But you just know: you encountered God.

As worship leaders, sometimes we try to manufacture these moments.  This element worked last time, so maybe it will invoke the same type of emotions as before.

Honestly, while I believe creativity can allow for certain experiences to happen, those moments happen not when some worship leader is creative, but when some worshiper is intentional.

Maybe it was that painting of the cross that came up on the screen during that song.  Maybe it was that a capella chorus of your favorite song.  Maybe it was that invitation that caused you to leave it all at the altar.

But what makes a creative moment spiritual is when you do something with it.

Maybe the next unforgettable worship moment you will experience depends all upon you instead of what is on the flowsheet.