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Looking to the Unqualified

Happy Father’s Day!  We had a great day celebrating fathers and the church.  Great moments:

  • The Spearmans Testimony – So great to see a father and sons going and serving on mission together
  • Romania Commissioning – Great time commissioning the Romania team for their trip – they leave on Saturday
  • Worship – It was a great time of worship, so genuine
  • My Job Today – Since I was gone this week, I stepped in as producer of the service which is the person who keeps all things going and organized.  I enjoyed it, but I think our regular producers do a better job.  I think I’ll pick up my guitar next week.
  • Message – Today, Jeff shared the findings from our yearlong biblical study on church leadership.  This message removed all traditions and expectations and just preached God’s Word on leadership.  You need to listen to it.

Today, we worshiped to:

Great day – pray you can continue to be the church today as you spend it with your family!