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Genesis FAQ’s

Genesis.  The first book in the Bible.  What Jews and Christians claim as the authority on creation, origin of mankind, etc.  I’d say it’s a pretty important book concerning the history of our world.

In September-October, North Side’s life focus will be on two series walking through the Book of Genesis (Origins: Genesis 1-11, Ancestors: Genesis 12-50).  While the sermons and Compass curriculum will focus on how we apply the message of the book, we are in development mode of articles and resources that will educate on areas that we simply don’t have enough time to get to.

That’s where you come in.  What questions have you heard people ask about Genesis?  About creation?  About Adam and Eve?  Dinosaurs?  What are those questions you know people have but are too afraid to ask?  They can be your questions or someone else’s that you have heard.

Post those questions as a comment to the blog and yours might be picked for some of our feature articles.  On your mark, get set, go!