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Authentic Christian Community

What a great Sunday at North Side as we continued through our 2nd week of “Solitary Confinement” as we focused on the big idea of “Authentic Christian Community.”

Some of us struggle to grow in our walk with Christ because we fail to get in the right environments.  In authentic Christian community, God uses other believers to strengthen us.  Are you making sure you are setting yourself up for spiritual success?

The above picture is Jeff’s big boy tomato that he has been growing in his backyard.  Something is definitely wrong (garden, soil, water, planter…)!  As he pointed out, many of us are like that because we aren’t planting ourselves around the people of God.  His message was so powerful today – can’t wait to talk about it tonight in my C-Group.

Other ways we drove home the big idea was through a great small group video and a wonderful testimony about C-Groups from one of our elders, Scott Davis.  Here was today’s full service guide.

Today, we worshiped to:

Our team pulled what energy they had left from a long weekend of ministry and left it all on the stage this Sunday.  After a weekend of pouring into other worship teams, this crew gave it their all yet again.  And I must admit, my challenge for the congregation to sing like a bunch of worship leaders from this weekend must have paid off because you guys got after it too!  It was an amazing time of worship today, and I am honored to get to do it with this team and with this church!

Can’t wait for a special conclusion to this series next Sunday!