NGU Men and Women’s Conference


I would appreciate your prayers for our family this week. Amanda and I are speaking and leading worship at North Greenville University in 4 chapels Monday-Wednesday. This week is called the Men and Women’s Conference.

Dealing with sensitive issues such as forgiveness, purity, dating, and marriage is a big challenge. Please pray God uses us in a mighty way to heal some brokenness, equip those struggling, and change the direction for future families.

In addition to leading worship, Amanda will also be doing a girls’ only chapel by herself tonight.  She’s starting to talk to me again since I talked her into this one 😉

We had a very special time this morning!  I might have been the first person in NGU history to lead worship from the ukulele (well, at least recent history).  Great response, and I have already had some great conversations concerning the message.

Chapels are at Monday at 10am, 6:30 pm, Tuesday 6:30 pm, Wednesday 10am. Thank you so very much for your prayers!  We are wanting God to show up in a big way!