Discipleship in the Old Testament

While the word, “discipleship,” is not found in the Old Testament, the concept is embedded from the very beginning.  God’s people were to pass on a legacy of faith to the following generations.

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Time Management and Personal Discipleship

We talk about making disciples, but do we make the time to do it?  In this series of lessons, we must address time management as it relates to personal discipleship.

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Defining Discipleship

We talk about making disciples, but do we know how to do it?  In this series of lessons on Personal Discipleship, let’s pray that we start obeying the biblical mandate regarding discipleship.

Before we can make a disciple, we need to figure out what one looks like.

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Interpreting Revelation

The final book of the Bible is full of glorious promises and yet significant challenges.  While the entire Bible has interpretive challenges, none is so difficult as the Book of Revelation.  In our last session of hermeneutics, let us focus on how to be unashamed in our accurate study of this final book.

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Interpreting the Prophets

Interpreting the Old Testament prophets is an important hermeneutics’ skill.

While the prophets are historical literature, they are more like sermons commenting on the events than detailed reporting of the events.

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Interpreting the Writings

The Writings section of the Old Testament is also referred to as the Wisdom Literature.  These books don’t fit naturally into the Law, History, or Prophets categories.  While these books are different, they each artistically teach the wisdom in keeping God’s Law.

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Interpreting the Law

In our study of Hermeneutics, we come to one of the most difficult sections of Scripture to interpret – the Law.

Oftentimes, New Testament believers go too far in relation to the Law – either by expressing strict obedience to all types or by ignoring the commandments altogether as not applying to us.  We must find a healthy balance when it comes to interpreting this wonderful section of Scripture.

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